Data Protection Bill

Data Privacy Regulations – Impacting Organisations Worldwide

Data Privacy Regulations are evolving around the world and impacting organizations operating worldwide.

It is applicable to all organisations irrespective of its scale and are covered by the respective data protection regulations. GDPR compliance and specific country regulations will be tougher for organisations worldwide due to complex provisions, interpretations and practical applications.

It is imperative for organizations now specifically during last 2 years to set up IT infrastructure and processes with advance data protection tools and monitor data hashtag#breaches effectively.

Now with the Personal Data Protection Bill on its way to be called as “Act” in India, it is equally important for companies to understand its scope and set up dedicated cross functional team including DPO (Data Protection Officer) , Internal Auditors, IT Team, Legal Team to effectively overcome implementation challenges.

These regulations can’t be ignored considering tougher penalties basis global turnover on organisation.

Do download the detailed and insightful presentation to develop understanding around buzzing topic of Data Protection .

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