COVID 19 – Readiness Assessment Checklist

Have you done readiness assessment for your business?

With the rapid global spread of coronavirus, companies should focus first and foremost on employee safety and as they’re reviewing their strategies, policies, and procedures, many leaders are specifically wondering about their legal risk. Not having adequate communicable-illness policies and response plans could expose them to a laundry list of HR-related legal concerns.

As the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts supply chains, financial markets and day-to-day business activity, the private company agenda has suddenly shifted. You will need to focus on resilience measures, ensuring your risks are managed and your employees and clients are protected.

Our team has prepared a sample checklist touching upon key aspects like business continuity, planning, forecasting, working capital, liquidity, Operations and supply chain management, workforce strategies and planning . Every business owner along with his consultant, risk team and internal team should draft such checklist ensuring their readiness to such events.

The value of these efforts, of course, is relevant to any life threatening event in future, not just coronavirus.

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